Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day: A Bittersweet Holiday

1. Columbus' first encounters with Los Indios were peaceful. Columbus himself was not a great conquistador, just a lost chaser of figments.
2. Many American Indians would recall this holiday with ire, and rightfully so, but the mixture of cultures, however just or unjust, is what shaped the America of today, with all its faults and glories.
3. White Americans would do well to remember with sadness the atrocities visited upon the Naturals in the centuries following the second European contact but would also do well to remember that were it not for Colon, none of us would be alive.
4. May we use this day as a platform for looking forward, for insisting that the promises made to American Indians by our government be kept and that our remembrance, learning and celebration of First Nation and melting pot culture extend to every day.

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