Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tip o' the Day: Oil-less Pasta

Well, this tip is a week and twenty-nine minutes late. What? It's not like anyone important was reading this web log* anyway.

So, I'll get straight to business. When you cook pasta, do you think you have to add oil to the water to keep it from sticking? Well, save the oil and save yourself from washing an oily pan and colander. All you need to do keep your pasta from sticking together is stir it up with a fork every fifteen-thirty seconds (less frequently the longer it cooks) during the first five minutes after you add it to the pot of water. That's it! No oil, no pasta served in a big clump.

I can hear you (yes, you) asking, "Wait! That's all?"

Well, what did you want? Seven pictures of perfectly-photographed cupcakes, taken from slightly different angles, followed by a recipe so mouthwatering that it makes you feel inferior simply because you didn't come up with the recipe first? Sorry, I don't serve inferiority complexes with my recipes. I also don't serve cupcake recipes, mainly because I haven't invented any.

So be satisfied with a pasta-boiling tip...or read a cupcake web log. It's neither here nor there as far as I'm concerned.**

*If you are someone important, and you're reading this web log, I apologize. Also, don't you have anything better to do?
**Please read my web log! I'm just playing hard to get. You can look at dessert porn later.

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