Monday, December 27, 2010

Failed Culinary Experiments

Where do recipes come from, if not from one person trying to see if two or more ingredients go well together? In this spirit of culinary adventure, I like to try something a little different now and then, sometimes discovering a great taste I never knew before, but more often than not, inventing a dud. Today I came up with some such wash. I tried topping warmed-over Christmas Plum Pudding with shredded cheddar cheese, melted in the microwave. I couldn't detect the cheddar other than as an odd aftertaste. My guess is that Plum Pudding, being such a profusion of flavors to begin with (rum, sugar, various dried fruits), is so potent that nothing could possibly be added to enhance it, not even decent cheddar cheese (such as shredded Kraft, or "fancy cheese" to all of you Boondocks fans). Oh, well. In discovering one thing that doesn't work, to paraphrase and put a twist on the thoughts of Thomas Edison, you've come closer to discovering the thing that will.

On a sweeter note, I did find via a blind taste-test administered by my younger stepson that expensive cinnamon really is superior to bargain supermarket cinnamon as far as taste alone (not smell) goes. My apologies to those who, like me, are of Scottish descent and attempt to squeeze each penny until copper juice flows.

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