Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Savings

I like when I find that something that I needed or even just wanted to buy is much lower in price than what I was expecting. I really, really like it when I find that I can obtain some such item for FREE. Now, I myself enjoy a good pictorial calendar with stunning photos or humorous/retro drawings as much as the next person, but as we've heard everywhere and known ourselves, the economy has been hobbled for quite some time. So when I found a website that allows you to create your own month-by-month photo calendars for free, I thought, "Awesome!" You simply choose from the stock photos already on the website or upload your own personal photos, enter in the specifics of the month you want, then print away! So far, the site is only offering calendars through the year 2011, but if we have the postage money to spare next year, we may very well send out 2012 calendars featuring family photos instead of Christmas cards. Happy New Year!

Disclaimer: It would only make sense that this website would offer calendar making for personal use only, due to proprietary and legal issues.

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