Monday, December 20, 2010

On the Right to Carry

The right to carry firearms is guaranteed by the Constitution so that citizens may be permitted, without interference, to carry their weapons while traversing and otherwise being present on public property. This right does not extend to private property. The Bill of Rights, just as it is expressly designed to protect an individual's right to own, carry, store and operate guns, is also expressly designed to protect the rights of private property holders. Therefore, a person's right to carry ends at the front door of a private residence, business or landholding. Beyond that, it is a privilege, not a right, that is bestowed upon the carrier by the property owner. If I forbid guns in my grocery store, that does not interfere with your right to carry. It only interferes when I go beyond the bounds of my private property onto public property and still attempt to dictate your right to bear arms.

Also, it is not only the weapons operated by the body that can protect us from tyranny in these United States, but also the weapons of the mind. Next time you put your gun down, pick up a book.

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